75% of internet users make a purchase when content is in their native language

Marketers are always looking at ways to promote their business. Over the last number of years attention has been focused more and more on on-line channels and website performance. There has been a universal acceptance that traditional forms of media are being replaced and reshaped by digital media.

Website Translation

While focus has been on digital marketing often marketers are missing a trick. While huge time and effort is put into social media, AdWords, Remarketing, Content Marketing and so on these efforts are largely focused solely on the English speaking public.

Considering that 77% of internet users are non-native English speakers the need to have your on-line content in different languages is coming increasingly clear. Here are a few reasons why you should be translating your website.

Open up new markets – English speakers make up roughly 27% of overall internet user’s yet over 50% of internet content is written in English. This means that in general on-line content is tailored to one very specific audience. If you are a business that is operating in overseas markets it is in your best interests to have your on-line content multilingual.

Website Translation

Various studies have shown that customers are far more likely to interact with your website when it is written in their native language. This is true even for those who can speak English as well.

Cost effective – In the past when businesses wanted to expand to overseas markets they did so at great cost by creating multilingual publications, posters, fliers and so on. This meant they would incur print, design, distribution and translation costs. Multilingual websites cut out the majority of these costs. The main investment made is in the translation most of the larger items are eliminated.

This means you can spread your message globally at minimum cost.

Website Translation

Your competitors are NOT doing this (yet) – The majority of on-line content is written in English yet the majority of internet users are not native English speakers. To highlight this fact 255 of internet usage comes from China yet only 4.4% of content available is in Chinese. Getting your website translated gives you a real advantage over your competition.

First-mover advantage will mean you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers, something which the competition won’t have.

Website localisation is one of the most straightforward, beneficial and cost effective ways to open new markets. If you are operating overseas it is fundamental that your website is tailored to that audience.

If you are planning on translating your website let us know.

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