Multilingual Google Adwords

Multilingual Google Adwords

So you’ve recognised the great opportunities to target non-English speaking customers by translating your website content – now how do you get all these potential customers to find your website?

Google AdWords is becoming an increasingly vital tool for driving targeted customers to your website and NZTC uses AdWords for our own online marketing too. NZTC is now assisting an increasing number of customers to use Google AdWords in multiple languages. Because we use AdWords ourselves we are able to stay on top of methods and new developments, which is important because there are a number of unique challenges involved in setting up and running multilingual Google AdWords campaigns. Some of the main considerations for AdWords translations are:

Character restrictions – The number of characters allowed in the headline, description line one, description line two and the Display URL is restricted and remains the same across languages with Roman script. This can be very challenging in some languages, for example German, where words tend to include more letters compared to English. This requires translators to try to say the same thing with fewer characters and to be constantly checking for character overruns. Furthermore, in languages with Asian characters the character restrictions also differ and need to be considered.

Multilingual Google Adwords

Localised ad copy – It’s imperative the ad copy isn’t a literal translation of the English original as this will come across as a clumsy translation and is likely to put off potential consumers. Instead, the content must be localised to reflect the specific local industry and cultural environment, while conveying the same intended message and tone as the English original.

Keyword translation – There are no character restrictions on the keywords applied to trigger your ad to be shown, however there are other aspects to take into consideration. There are a number of requirements when writing the original English copy, such as identifying and selecting possible spelling variations, broad matches, phrase matches, exact and negative matches. In addition, translators need to consider further foreign-language variations such as foreign accents, umlauts and synonyms not applicable in the English version.

Multilingual Google Adwords

It’s also important that the keywords selected are applicable to the specific local culture and industry, while maintaining the tone and message of the original keyword list. A method of achieving this is applying a “transcreation” process, where the original English isn’t translated but instead used as reference by translators. The goal is to produce a new foreign-language keyword list that includes localised synonyms and possible spelling variations. The task of “translating” misspelt keywords needs to be considered and NZTC is familiar with this process. It requires close communication with the client to work out the best approach for each specific market and language.

During the keyword translation process, it’s also important to implement important keywords within the ad copy, the keywords list and the website landing page, as this increases the ad performance. In addition to using the

English keyword list as a base, the Google AdWords Keyword and Traffic Estimator tools can also be used for your target market, and help develop effective foreign language keyword lists.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your Google AdWords, in any language, please contact our Sales & Marketing team at

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