Why Translation and Localisation is so Important?

Hands up anyone who has not had a problem reading and understanding the instructions on some overseas produced product they have recently purchased? A survey undertaken by an American company ‘Wordbank’ produced the following feedback from 1,250 interviews with consumers in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

• More than 80% of survey respondents expect a product or service they are purchasing to be explained to them in their mother tongue

• Nearly 75% choosing between two similar products will purchase the one supported by product information in their own language

• 70% said they would not purchase a product if they could not understand the packaging

• 61% were reluctant to purchase if the information has been badly translated into their own language

The products and services most important to have accurately described in the respondent’s own language were, in order of importance, banking and financial services, medical, pharmaceutical and beauty products, business equipment, home entertainment and consumer electronics.

The growing demand for translation and localisation will continue to escalate as manufacturers and service providers reach out into new markets. NZTC will continue to assist with this need by enabling high quality and efficient translation and localisation services.

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