Globalisation Terminology

Most manufacturers now know ‘LOCALISATION’ is the key that opens doors into new and different international markets. Their products must be LOCALISED (adapted) to suit the tastes and expectations of consumers of different cultural backgrounds.

LOCALISATION is however easier and less costly if products are right from the start, designed in ways which allow them to be easily adapted, without the need to extensively re-design. This practice is called INTERNATIONALISATION.

GLOBALISATION is the term referring to the process that addresses business issues associated with launching a product globally, such as integrating LOCALISATION throughout a company after proper INTERNATIONALISATION and product design.

Implementing GLOBALISATION requires what is called a GLOBALISATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (GMS). When applied in the translation industry, GMS manages the translation and LOCALISATION cycles, synchronising these with a source CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS).

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (CMS) are used to store, find and retrieve large amounts of data. In the translation industry a CMS provides the capability of centralising linguistic assets in the form of translation databases, leveraging glossaries and branding standards across global content.

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