Medical interpreting workshop - Psychological support for interpreters

Celia Falchi - NZTC International Interpreting Training

We’d like to share some good news: we held a successful medical interpreting workshop in our Wellington office on 24 March this year, with approximate 20 interpreters attending. It was very encouraging to see so many interpreters willing to turn up for such an event on a Saturday morning.

We were fortunate to have our experienced interpreter Ms Christalin Thangpawl and NZ registered psychologist Dr Celia Falchi as our guest speakers. Our Chief Editor Patrick King and interpreting manager Jessie Jia were also on hand for the workshop, sharing their views on healthcare interpreting as well as the professional Code of Ethics.

Christalin Thangpawl - NZTC International Interpreting Training

Ms Christalin Thangpawl shared her experiences as a medical interpreter, especially working in the psychological field.

Dr Celia Falchi shared her insights regarding self-care and how to master the psychological wellbeing of interpreters, for example, after completing interpreting assignments with disturbing content.

After receiving the relevant information from our guest speakers,

NZTC International Interpreting Training

useful and stimulating further discussions ensued among the participants.

We also received positive feedback and constructive suggestions from our interpreters. We are planning more workshops for the future. If you have any advice or suggestions about any topics, please feel free to email us:

Many thanks for all the support and we look forward to seeing our interpreters in person again soon.

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